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Proper vinyl Siding Installation Reduces Painting Costs in West Granby, CT 06090 (855) 916-2991

Choosing to replace your home’s exterior with siding is an important decision. Siding just makes a home look great. Clean lines, crisp colors that won’t fade or chip, and matching trim and accessories can completely transform the look of your home. Most siding materials (especially vinyl and fiber cement siding) require little or no maintenance to keep them looking great. That translates into less time spent on the exterior of your house, and more time relaxing and enjoying life. Vinyl siding never needs painting, and fiber cement siding holds its colors more than twice as long as other siding choices. Neither material fades, flakes, chips or cracks. That means you can break the cycle of scraping and painting your home every few years. That could save you more than $50,000 in printing costs! Painting a 3-bedroom home can cost from $9,800-$12,600. Experts agree a home should be painted at least every seven years.

Benefits of Quality Siding Installation in West Granby, CT

Regardless of the quality of your siding products, no siding material can compensate for a poor installation. That’s why quality vinyl siding contractors are critical to your home improvement project.

Some of the major benefits of working with professionals include:

Licensed and Insured: A licensed contractor is an insured contractor. As such, you can rest assured that your project will be guaranteed for quality and in compliance with all applicable building codes. Your vinyl siding installers can make that process easy and painless.

On-Time and Organized: Working with a qualified contractor means signed contracts that guarantee a minimum degree of work. What this means is that your siding project is more likely to be finished on time and according to the terms agreed upon beforehand. There is nothing like the assurance of knowing your remodeling project is guaranteed to be completed.

Emergency Siding Leak Repair service in West Granby, CT (855) 916-2991

Siding leaks occur because either you have a gap in your siding or if you have wood siding, water can seep through and into the interior of your home. Most wood siding will rot over the course of a few years, and by replacing it with wood again, you will have the same recurring issues. We install Hardie siding which is a fiber cement material that is battle-tested against the wind, storms, and fire. Hardie siding is fire resistant, rot-proof, and more durable than others, so fix your siding leak with an emergency siding leak repair specialist. We are a reliable and reputable siding company and we always make sure to do our emergency siding leak repairs right the first time. We have helped many homeowners to protect their homes from animals, wind, and storms.

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